The Best of 2015 Trends in Social Media

The Best of 2015 Trends in Social MediaMastering social media for business is a little like mastering the time of day. As soon as you know it, it’s off and changing. The best you can do is understand what’s working now and try and keep up. With this in mind, here are the trends in social media currently.

LinkedIn a Must

According to a University of Massachusetts Dartmouth study, 93% of the Inc 500 use LinkedIn as a platform to see and be seen among businesses and professionals. In other words, it’s a virtual networking mixer for anyone in business.

As such, you want your business to stand out here and be relevant. This requires a robust profile that includes images and more than enough content to give page visitors an ample dose of [Your Business Here].

In addition to a powerful profile, you can increase your businesses chances of standing out by posting content – lots of it. In fact, it’s not unusual for active LinkedIn businesses to post a few times a week or more.

Content might be a white paper that positions you as an expert in your field, a commentary on a recent change in the industry or something else that’s timely. And it should be written well enough to reflect positively on your business.

If you don’t feel you can write at this level, hire a freelancer to do this, or add a content specialist to your employee roster. Yes, it’s that important.

Images Are Everything

The images you post on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on, are your first chance to make a good impression on any social network. As such, they should be taken with care, used with discretion and artfully composed (or at least at a level that looks professional).

We live in a visual world where snap judgments on your images can mean the difference between being tapped or swiped away. Again, hire a pro if you really want your images to sing. (And, don’t forget that videos are also an excellent way to stand out.)


Still the dominant platform, Facebook provides businesses with a world of opportunities. While most users are there to socialize with friends and far-flung relatives, it’s still a viable place for your business to be – and you’ll be conspicuous by your absence if you don’t get on board.

New, however, is the rise in popularity of Facebook advertising – just one way businesses are breaking through the LOL’s and baby pictures that make up the personal side of the platform. Running ads on Facebook is relatively cheap, and it provides a gateway to engagement traditional ads can’t.

Consumers can click through to your business website or some other predetermined link, such as a video infomercial on your latest product. There really is no limit to what Facebook advertising can do, other than your own marketing imagination.

Twitter On

Twitter is like the background conversation at work that you dip in and out of. To truly be a part of it, you have to keep one eye on the chatter while the other one works – and it’s not always an easy task. To use Twitter effectively, you have to have something to say and the stamina to sustain a conversation for as long as it’s relevant.

Many businesses leave tweeting up to an expert that has access to your marketing strategy thoughts and can use these insights to do it effectively. This way your tweets can fly high.

2015 will be gone before you know it. Making the most of these social media trends will position you well for the new year and a prosperous 2016.

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