Meet Richard Estrada: Cable ONE Technical Operations Manager

technical operations manager“Each of us is a consumer too. So we want to provide the same service that we’d expect for our own family. You do that by being honest and doing the right thing.”

That’s how Richard Estrada, Technical Operations Manager for Cable ONE, describes his team of 15 technical support people who serve the community of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, a growing city just outside of Albuquerque.

“I love my team. I’m exceptionally blessed to work with a lot of really talented people,” Estrada said. “ From the beginning to the end, all of us are passionate about the company we work for and the services we provide. We want to do high quality work and we want the customer to be pleased.”

His team provides customers with a wide variety of technical support services. Whether it’s recommending the right solution, answering questions on new technology, or hassle-free installation, the team is focused on helping businesses succeed.

But for their customers, the story starts long before that.

The Before and After

“We live and work in the same community as our customers,” Estrada said. “So when we’re not in the field, we want to be a resource for small businesses.”

Estrada is active in a number of community-centric organizations including the Chamber of Commerce. He is on the advisory council for the county leadership program. That’s important because Rio Rancho has a number of existing home-based businesses and entrepreneurs along with an influx of new businesses.

“We want to be sure that whatever their business needs are, they can look to us for help,” Estrada said. “Even if they’re not a customer yet.”

And after they become customers, the story continues.

“We know that many businesses depend on our services 24/7. They have security systems, take credit card payments, or operate websites. All must be up and running. So we want to identify issues before they become a problem,” Estrada said.

Unique to the industry, his team does regular, routine quality checks. They’re proactively looking for possible performance issues. If something is detected, a service rep contacts customers and schedules a technician to check on it. That saves business owners from having to call and wait. After all, they have their own customers to attend to.

3 Keys to Great Customer Experience

Estrada knows that service is the key differentiator for many small businesses. It’s why customers like to shop locally rather than at the big chain stores. And it’s what his team strives to deliver. So he offers this advice for small businesses:

  • Be yourself – Being genuine and honest needs to be at the top of any business’ list. People can tell when you’re not being true. And if you’re not, you are probably not going to succeed for long.
  • Know your audience – Customers need to know that you understand them, what issues they face and how your product or service can address them. Then you need to be able to communicate that to customers. It’s how you start to build relationships that, over time, will produce results.
  • Surround yourself with excellent people – The best thing an entrepreneur can do is hire people who are exceptional. You want a team that represents your business well and has a passion for what you provide to customers.

Providing honest, reliable service. It’s what Estrada and his team are all about—before, during and after they arrive on the scene.

“I tell people—if you have questions about our work or our industry, I can tell you what your best bet is,” Estrada said. “Nine times out of ten, we will be able to provide it. And the one time we cannot, you’ll get the information you need to move forward.”

Now that’s a great customer experience.

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