Infographic: 2017 Year of the Small Business

body2017yearsmallbusinessIn 2017, entrepreneurs in the U.S. will begin to experience the benefits of several new trends supporting the growth of small business. In fact, these trends will set the foundation for tremendous growth, from 30 million small businesses in 2016 to over 42 million in the next decade.

View our infographic, “2017 – Year of the Small Business” to learn more about the tools and resources to leverage for your piece of the action.

You will learn:

  • New trends that will support your growth, like a growing pool of on-demand freelance expertise, growth of tech infrastructure and more.
  • What chatbots are and how they will grow in popularity in 2017.
  • How subscription models are taking off and two tools you can leverage now.

Download File - 2017 Year of the Small Business

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